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Why should I choose Credit Zone Canada?2019-05-23T14:39:24-04:00

Credit Zone Canada gets you the vehicle you’re looking for while saving you time and money. We take the process of purchasing a new vehicle and make it easier than before!

What kind of information do you need?2019-05-23T14:42:56-04:00

We only ask for the information that we need to help you find an approval. By knowing your location and a bit about your financial circumstance we are able to determine which partner will have the highest chance of finding you an approval.

How much can I get pre-approved for?2019-05-23T14:43:19-04:00

The amount that you will get pre-approved for depends on several factors. Once you apply, the specialist dedicated to your account will get in contact with you to work towards matching you with the right vehicle that fits within your monthly budget.

How long does it take to get approved?2021-12-29T01:01:58-05:00

Filling out an application will take approximately two minutes. After that, you will hear back from one of our dealership partners within 12 hours. In an instance where we have received your application during an extremely busy time, it may take up to 24 hours for you to hear back.

What are your Terms and Conditions?2019-05-23T14:48:27-04:00

The terms of each person’s approval will depend on the information from their entire application. To learn more about how the information on your application will be shared, please refer to our privacy policy here.

Can an auto loan with Credit Zone help me build credit?2019-05-23T14:50:27-04:00

It is important to confirm this with your finance provider, but usually when you purchase a vehicle your payments are reported to the credit bureau. If all payments are made promptly and on time, a vehicle purchase can hold the potential to help build your credit.

Where is Credit Zone Canada located?2021-12-29T01:17:45-05:00

Our headquarters is located in Whitby, Ontario but we provide car loans to clients across Ontario. We provide our services to every province and territory in Canada, and it is more than likely that we have partners located near you.

Can I still get approved if I’ve been turned down elsewhere?2019-05-23T14:52:52-04:00

Credit Zone Canada is happy to find financing options for all credit situations. When you apply for a car loan with us we will connect you with a dealership and they will provide you with your approved finance options and a selection of vehicles you pre-qualify for. All you have to do is pick the one you want and drive away!

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